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On June 25th 1916, the New York Morning Telegraph reported:

"Mabel Normand’s second dramatic feature for the Triangle will be a motion picture version of J. M. Barrie’s 'The Little Minister.' The Mabel Normand Company has purchased the rights to all of the Barrie stories."

If this report is true, such rights were evidently lost along with numerous other holdings when the Triangle Film Company folded and went under in financial scandal in 1919. In other magazine and newspaper articles (for which, do a search of my Mabel Normand Source Book), Mabel herself expressed a desire to play Lady Babbie in Barrie's acclaimed stage play; including stating, shortly after his slaying, that she would have much liked to have done a film rendering of the same directed by William Desmond Taylor.

Would "The Little Minister" have been a good vehicle for Mabel Normand? Mary Pickford also comes to mind as a viable candidate for the Lady Babbie role. Would it have been possible to turn Barrie's Oscar Wilde-like (i.e., garrulous) comedy of manners into an effective silent film? Well, one can attempt a guess by seeing the charming and funny 1975 BBC version starring Helen Mirren; available on YouTube at:

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(Just when Steve Rydzewski thought he'd got the drop on me.)

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